Shirley Humphries Talks About Her Mothers “Home-going”

In 1988 Shirley’s Mother, Ella Tapps, came to a service for a family member at Pipkin Braswell. She was so impressed by how the service was conducted, she made the decision to have Pipkin Braswell conduct her home-going service when the time came.

Shirley and her mother planned the service together.  Ella passed in 2013, at the age of 94, and she received the service just how she had planned so many years ago.

“They did it her way, not my way or my sister’s way — but her way,” states her daughter Shirley Humphries.

We thank Shirley for sharing her story about planning ahead.  We encourage you to plan for yourself or a loved one.  By planning in advance, you can save your loved ones from having to make these arrangements when you are not there to guide them. Call today to talk more about planning ahead or any of the services we offer.