July 28, 1953 ~ June 11, 2019

Born in: Denver, CO
Resided in: Denver, CO

His Story His Life

Marvin Tyrone Boyd Sr.

“For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake” II Cor. 4:5

MARVIN T. BOYD was born on July 28,1953 in Denver Colorado. He was raised by his beautiful mother, Bonnie Ruth Boyd/Mason, and his precious grandmother, {Big Momma} Maggie Boyd also helped to raise him. Marvin’s uncles, aunts, and cousins played a big part in his upbringing, as well. They were a strong Christian family, and they all were/are very close, a big family of love & strength. So, Marvin had strong roots in the Lord from his early years.

He was the oldest of 5 brothers, and 1 sister; Elvin, Gary, Van, Kevin, Damon, and Jamael Mason.

Marvin’s precious mother, Bonnie Ruth, loved him dearly, and raised him to know about Jesus. She and Marvin had a wonderful relationship, in which they were always loving and truthful with each other. She was such a fun-loving person, and got along with just about anybody! Momma played a very vital and viable part in Marvin’s life, and even later in his Ministry as the Church Mother, at his Church in Baytown, TX. She was of great support while at the Church in Baytown, and helped to pray many souls into salvation. Marvin never disrespected his mother, and always gave her the honor she so desperately deserved! And as a young person, Marvin enjoyed singing with his family, and could sing almost anything he heard. He started playing the piano a little later, and learned by ear. And, did pretty good. Music being a strong part of his life. Marvin attended Whittier & Crawford Elementary, Cole Jr. High, and Manual High School. And even though Marvin had great examples in his life, he strayed away for awhile, and got involved in a life of sin. And while out there he was stabbed twice in his back, and slid down between a house and a fence, begging God not to let him die, because he believed, if he died he would lift up his eyes in Hades, {Hell}, since he wasn’t living for the Lord, at that time. He almost lost his life that night, but God in His mercy spared him, and he eventually surrendered his heart and life to the Lord Jesus, at the early age of 15. Under the leadership of his precious Uncle Leon, {Pastor Arthur Boyd, in the Church Of God In Christ}, he remained faithful in Church, and helped wherever he was needed. And, Uncle Leon taught him to make sure he knew his Bible, and only teach what it says. And because of Marvin’s love for Jesus, and his hunger for the Holy Ghost, he began to seek God extensively, and started preaching at 16. As he grew in the Lord, and also as he got a little older, he was also influenced greatly by another dear Uncle… the incomparable Orin H. Boyd! Seeing the miracles while Marvin traveled with Uncle Orin stirred him to the core, to believe God for miracles, signs & wonders! Marvin became so real with God, and serious, and obedient, that sometimes he would fast and pray for days, for God to come in his life in a very real way, and use him mightily by the power of God. And for God to get the glory out of his life! And the Lord began using him to preach the gospel, under a great anointing. And, Marvin being raised in a close-knit family that was very spiritual, but yet sensible; his aunts and uncles also helped him keep his feet on the ground still. Another Uncle, the wonderful Uncle Jerry Boyd was very supportive of Marvin’s family and his ministry as well. And, his long talks with Marvin helped him to be sober and sound minded! And, dear Uncle Clars was very supportive too! Aunt Elsie, Aunt Marie, Uncle Edgar, Aunt Dorothy, Aunt Dio, Aunt Jan, Uncle Richard, and even Uncle Robert each precious in their own special way, and sibling’s to Marvin’s mother, were very loving and kind to Marvin all of his life! And, Marvin loved each of them, and had a special relationship with each!

As Marvin got older, he experienced some life hardships, along with the good time’s too… But, amidst the harsh changes, he had resolved and said to the Lord, in his own word’s… “Lord, you’re going to have to hit me in the head with a woman, because I’m not interested!” And, God practically did! The Lord showed Marvin & Kathy King many undeniable signs, that they were to be together. After all the confirmation’s, they literally dated for only 3 weeks and 2 days, and were married in Holy Matrimony on August 14, 1978, {almost 41 yrs ago}! And Marvin had a Revival scheduled, one day after their Wedding, so they spent their Honeymoon in Revival! Yes, they later had several honeymoon’s!

Marvin and Kathy, both serious with God, blazed the fields in Revival after Revival! And the move of God was so mighty in their lives, that they also started 3 Churches at different times in their travels. Marvin traveled extensively around the Country, out of the Country, and abroad. And they both were Ordained in International Ministry under the late great Myles Munroe, in Nassau Bahamas.

Many souls have been saved, of which many have gone on to Glory, and many leaders were raised up through his Ministry. And Marvin, {at that time, Pastor Boyd}, after much prayer, and many confirmation’s, was Ordained and Confirmed as an Apostle through the incomparable Pastor… Kathy was saved under; Bishop George Archie, {from Sacramento CA}, along with several Bishop’s with him. Marvin also received, 4 Honorary Degree’s, from a Bible Seminary in Denver CO; because the Dean and some of the Professor’s of the College at the time, noted that Marvin was already doing and teaching what they were educating their students to do! But, even with all the Title’s, Marvin always attributed his success to, receiving God’s grace & gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, walking upright with the help of grace, seeking God with all of his heart, studying God’s word astutely and wholeheartedly; so he could know the word correctly by rightly dividing the word of truth, and praying fervently with the understanding, and in the spirit, along with fasting & praying, so he could be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and yielded.

Marvin was a wonderful and faithful husband to Kathy, and told her regularly how very much he loved her, appreciated her so much, and how beautiful she was, {this confirmed the statement that, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, smile’s… There was never a scandal about him… concerning woman, or money. He kept a good name throughout his Marriage, and his Ministry. They enjoyed, and kept their date night’s on a regular bases. They would catch a movie, and an exclusive dinner, or just grab a hot dog and ride the town together; playin some smooth jazz, or would even throw in some “oldies-but-goodies”. But they always kept some good gospel music on hand, as their favorite. Truly in love, they kept their love strong through doing these types of thing’s together, going on vacations whenever they could earlier on. Along with honest communication, getting in the word and praying together, and both of them were two good “forgivers”. They had to be able to forgive one another, because they were both still human, and needed God’s forgiveness, as well as needing to forgive each other. Being merciful helps with staying together also, as long as it’s not something that is being done in the relationship that is abusive. Blessed through the ups, the downs, the mountains, and the valley’s together. More high’s than there were low’s, and when those low’s came, they each were “ride-or-die”, with the Lord, and each other. Not perfect, but faithful & forgiven. Proving once again, that the Holy Ghost knows how to pick em!!

What a great father he was. Pops loved his sons, {Daniel, Marvin Jr, Micah, and Benjamin}, so very very much. And, raised them from boys-to-men, to be men of God. He didn’t try to make them out of preacher’s like himself, he gave them to God, and he and Kathy loved them, they let them live and learn, and come to know Jesus personally in their own way. They put the word in them as children, and taught them to pray, {and to pray about everything}. And, they allowed God to shape them into who He wanted them to be. Being pk’s {preacher’s kid’s}, their parent’s protected them from harsh judgmental people, who thought they were automatically perfect because they belonged to preacher’s. And their parent’s raised them in their own Church, “Faith Impact Ministries” in Baytown TX, that Pastor Boyd pastor’ed, along with loving people there, who let them enjoy their childhood, through a viable Children’s Church, and a dynamic Youth Ministry. And their sons grew on into adulthood, and learned how to listen to the Lord for themselves. Like a lot of parents do, they loved their children unconditionally. Even when life hit them hard, and even when their children made their mistakes. They still shared truth, {the word} with them, but they wrapped their arms around them and showed them the love of God, and who Jesus really is.The children saw their parents behind closed doors too, and knew who they truly were as well. And being boys, they watched their Dad very closely, who did his best to set the best example as a father, and as a man that he could set. They saw a man who worked hard to take care of his family, his sons saw him preach the word of God with fervor, they witnessed him love their mother like she was a queen, and they saw him treat people with kindness and respect. And as their parents Pastor’ed in Texas while they were growing up, they never heard them talk bad about their member’s, talk behind their member’s backs, or disrespect anyone in their Church. This helped them as children, not look at people funny in the Church, or disrespect them. What a great example, and a wonderful relationship Pops had with each of his sons individually!

Marvin was a wonderful father-in-law to his daughters-in-law. He was always respectful to them as women, and never got out of line. He loved them dearly, and said he prayed for them as much as he prayed for his sons. He treated his sons wives like they were a vital part of the family, and he tried to always be there for them if they needed him. They didn’t need him much, because K


Visitation: July 12, 2019 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Pipkin Braswell Chapel of Peace
6601 Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80220

(303) 996-0869

Memorial Reception: July 13, 2019 3:00 pm

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
3203 Quebec Street
Denver, CO 80207

(303) 321-3333

Room: Crystal Ballroom 1, 2, & 3

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    • Apostle Boyd was truly a man of faith and power who was used by God to impact hundreds of people. I will definitely miss him and the great words of inspiration that he ministered into my life.
      R.I.P. my Brother.

  1. Kathy and family: My thoughts and prayers are with each of you. May God be with you during this time. Love

  2. Bro Boyd surely blessed me preaching the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ! One particular message “The Blood” Sis Pinckney

  3. My dear cousin, I will miss him dearly!!! Cousin Kat, I am praying for you and the boys and grandchildren. I understand from experience your position, so I am covering you in special prayer.
    Love you so very much!
    Cousin Lisa Smith

  4. Heaven has received an Angel of Jesus Christ. I will always remember his great preaching and bright smile. To Kathy and Sons….we love you and pray for your comfort and peace in this difficult time.

  5. Our hearts go out to you in love Sister Kathy, family and sons. You have always been family to us for many years. My spirit is rejoicing because I KNOW, Apostle Boyd was shouting and praising God as he was received into Heavens gates, and into the arms of Jesus. (Powerful Brother).

    Be encouraged “Woman of God.” Love to you always,

    Dr. Barbara Clark and the
    Breaking Free Outreach Ministries Family

  6. Sincerest condolences to you, Kathy, and family. God will take care of you. Love, Charles & Linda Bates Leali

  7. Sis Boyd,from pastor and First Lady Sanford; we love you and the Boyd family. Our thoughts and prayers are for you in this season. We’ll never forget the mighty messages deposited into our lives by the Apostle (still living in the strength of many of them). His life and ministry lives on in our hearts.
    Pastor and First Lady Sanford and the Macedonia church family

  8. Sister Kathy and family, We were truly blessed just knowing him and being in his presence was like being surrounded with the attributes of Christ Jesus. He will be truly missed, we are lifting you and family in the very presence of God for His gentle love and care. Just know we love you so much. Praying without ceasing. Minister Otis and Sandra Young

  9. Dear Sister Kathy.

    I am sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your family. Apostle Boyd will NEVER be forgotten by me, nor my family. His anointing has still has a powerful effect in my spiritual life.

    God bless you and I love you.

    Your sister-in-Christ,

    Lula Fay Hulett
    (Former Faith Impact Ministry member)

  10. The earthly life of an amazing warrior, Apostle Marvin T. Boyd, Sr. has ended, however, be of good courage as he has begun the greatest chapter ever in the presence of the Lamb! He fought a great fight and has gone to claim his reward. Apostle Boyd was an Apostolic General in the Army of the Lord, a loving and devoted husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin and beyond. We celebrate his great legacy.

    To our dearly beloved Sister, Lady Kathleen Boyd! You and your family are in our fervent prayers. Our friendship with the Boyds go way, way back during the lifetime of my late husband, the phenomenal Apostle Ralph E. Beechum and Apostle Dad Ruben and Mother Lula Beechum!

    We celebrate his life and transition, as we bow to the solemn Will of our incredible, sovereign God — He never makes a mistake. I am a witness that GOD will take care of you Lady Kathy and family. Our prayers are with you as you TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, and LEAN NOT UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING! WE LOVE YOU and will be there for you. Will contact you very soon and see you at the Viewing and Memorial Service.

  11. We are praying for you Kathi and family. We love you and we know Apostle Marvin is living in his mansion. He is praising Jesus right now.
    Apostle Marvin is worshipping the LORD.

  12. To Sister Kathy, Micah and Lucy, ppand the entire Boyd family, we send our love and deepest condolences to you and pray for God’s loving presence to cover you.
    It was an honor to serve with Apostle Boyd and to know him personally. God bless you all!

  13. Apostle Boyd truly opened the Word of God that transformed my life. I am deeply thankful God sent him and Sister Kathy to Muskogee, Oklahoma to teach us, love us and shepherd us. A wonderful Man of God!

  14. Cousin Ranky always had a wonderful kind spirit even when we were children. His spirit was always radiant with love for family, and surely a love for God and his desire to do what God commissioned him to do. We were close without having to be around each other.

    That’s how strong his love was and still is. Cousin Kathy you got the cream off the top, when you were blessed to have him as your soul mate, and it’s obvious, Ranky spent time with his family to nurture and help the kids carry on his legacy.

    Ranky, I will remember your sweet kind spirit. Have fun with Jesus and the rest of the family. Hold our place in line, cousin, we are on our way when our job is done here.

  15. Cousin Ranky was always sweet and mild mannered even when we were children. I will miss him. We were close even though we seldom saw each other. When we did it was always a gracious hi and hug.

    God blessed you Kathy with a Godly man who is an example of how dad’s are supposed to raise their children and treat their wives. I never heard my cousin say an unkind thing about anyone.

    I thank God that Ranky’s legacy lives through you Kathy and the children.

    Ranky, you are in no more pain, you have a new body. Please ask God if you can have your mansion next to mine and tell those who are in our family, we will be home as soon as we complete our job here.

    You , Ranky faithfully did what God Commissioned you to do. Love you, miss you already.

    Your Cousin Cooky

  16. My Lord and savior Jesus Christ take the wheel. As we gather Friday and Saturday to celebrate the life of my covering Apostle Boyd let the Holy Ghost annointing take over. Let souls be saved backslidden return fresh annointing and re ignite the sleep and down trodden. Apostle lived to represent Jesus. We are grateful thank you Jesus.

  17. To our Much Beloved family of a wonderful man of God, Apostle Boyd, we send heartfelt condolence to you Sister Kathy and your Sons and their families. We keep you in our prayers for he’s truly missed. Thankful that God sent him to us in Natchitoches LA to share power and faith in action. We love you. The Owusu-Duku and Wade families.

  18. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Boyd family.
    The Thompsons
    (William, Stephanie, Soleil, Olivia, Camille )

  19. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.
    Truly Apostle Boyd was an awesome man of God. His ministry impacted so many people. His work on earth is done. Take your rest in the arms of Jesus.
    Our condolences and prayers are extended to his wife Kathy , his children and the entire family.
    Supt. & Mrs WH McDonald & Odom Memorial COGIC

  20. To the Boyd family and friends please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one Marvin.
    Very soon Jesus Christ John 3:16 will reunite us with the loved ones we have lost in death Acts 24:15; John 5:28, 29, right here on a brand new Paradise Earth no more sickness pain or death Life without end Revelation 21: 1-5 jw.org

  21. God bless you all during this time. We are continuing to pray for you and the extended family.

    New Wine Cathedral Of Worship

  22. One of my favorite cousins of many, he was always kind, compassionate and loving. I know that he will be missed. To the family, take comfort in the beautiful memories and know that we will all be together again.

  23. Whew,
    Another Spiritual giant has left the earth , gone to be with our Lord.
    Once after Apostle Boyd held a revival in the Baytown Area, my sweet mama (Mother Brown) once said if he ever pastors a church in Baytown I’m going to join it . And many many years later guess what he founded the great church Faith Impact Ministries.
    And the next thing I knew me and my little sweet mama was dancing and shouting down the aisles of Faith Impact Church in Baytown Texas.
    From that moment on we went on a glorious spiritual roller coaster ride.. Every turn was fulfilling and thrilling.
    It was never dull.. It was a Holy Ghost explosion of excitement… I remember a service called Friday night live . And it was just that , all the way live. We had so much fun serving the Lord at this church and who says Christians can’t have fun. We not only had fun. We had a Great man of God that taught and preached Gods word without compromising the gospel. I believe in my heart of hearts he also lived what he preached.
    The journey didn’t stop there he also once had a radio show. The Name of the show was I’ll be praying for you . He prayed for people and they testified about the answered prayers . Yes this young man and his precious bride impacted hundreds of life’s in Baytown, Houston and surrounding towns here in Texas.

    Many Evangelist and Pastors that visited FIM always spoke very well of how the Boyd’s were received and thought highly of all over the US and in other countries as well. By this time mama had fallen head over hills in love with Sister Kathy, Pastor and the boys . So after saying all this I can truly say we’ve been blessed with the best. Now he has joined the Great Cloud of witnesses and we will surely see them again .

    As for both the saints on earth and those already in heaven The best is yet to come..
    To First Lady , the Boyd sons , their wife’s and children Be lifted up.
    Your Husband, daddy, granddaddy ran his race well and finished strong.. I know you are and have a right to be proud and greatfull to God for him and the Great Legacy he has left you.

    From the family of your Mother Brown
    We love you

  24. Pastor Boyd was such an honorable and humble person,and a true man of God.
    My life is forever blessed, having encountered this extraordinary saint.
    Sis.Kathy ,you all are in my prayers .
    Bette Wilkins

  25. Kathy – Condolences to you and your family. May the Lord give you the strength to make it through this chapter of your life. I will continue to pray for you. I am here for you whenever you need to talk. The Lord gives and he Lord takes; blessed be the name of the Lord! Your friend and sister in Christ –

  26. Elder Kathy and family our Love, prayers and blessings are streaming your way . Even tho our beloved friend and brother is physically absent, his beautiful smile and gentle spirit touched our hearts to remain with us forever. “A True Man of God”

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