June 6, 1980 ~ December 2, 2018

Born in: Gary, Indiana
Resided in: Aurora, Colorado

Angelo Anthony Bell was born on June 6, 1980, in Gary, Indiana to his parents, Kathy Lois Rogers and Darrell Anthony Bell, Sr. He was the second child born in the family.  He was raised with his siblings, brother, Darrell Anthony Bell, Jr. and sister’s, Twaniqua Nashee’ Bell, Laniqua Torraine Bell-Matthews and LaTara Tenee’ Bell.  As a child, Angelo was obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, karate movies, historical documentaries, was meticulous and obsessed with his house cleaning chores and loved catching lightning bugs with his siblings, in which he developed a whole philosophy about their existence.

Angelo considered himself an accomplished basketball player despite scoring no more than 6 points in a game of 21 and often inflicting accidental injuries against his opponents.  Since he never walked away from challenges, he continued to love and play the game despite his shortcomings.

Angelo dedicated himself to nurturing and protecting his family.  He also loved to write poetry, read mystery, philosophy and history books, and would draw pictures almost every day.  His favorite color was purple however, he also came to love the color teal because it represented the disease scleroderma which he learned to embrace with unimaginable strength.

During his teenage years, Angelo developed a great appreciation for the music of Tupac Shakur which he deemed as significant “poetic docudramas” to the difficulties many African-American young men and women like himself, experienced during his era.  He was especially excited because Tupac shared the same birthday as his maternal grandfather.  This inspiration followed him into adulthood and inspired him to develop his vision of “Unlimited Ministries”.

When Angelo was young, he would often pretend he was a minister and privately practiced his sermons with his mother when his brother and sisters were not around.  He dreamed of developing an organization in which he could practice his love of the ministry and help at-risk youth and teens.

He eventually designed and faithfully carried, a very detailed artistic blueprint of the envisioned “Unlimited Ministries” facility in his pocket “daily” and proudly shared the blueprint with his brother and sisters on many occasions.  Angelo wanted to give back to at-risk community youth and teens in a learning environment enriched with art, faith, philosophy and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Angelo was always a free spirit and decided to forego traditional education for a General Educational Diploma.  He went on to obtain a Minister certificate from Universal Ministries in 2016.

Angelo worked as an independent contractor for multiple construction corporations.  He enjoyed diversity in the profession and meeting different people.

Although Angelo fellowshipped in many facilities, his love of God and the ministry led him to the formation of “Unlimited Ministries”, a non-profit ministry he planned to develop with the intent of helping at-risk youths and teens.  In his honor, his visions will continue through the efforts of his loving family.

In his free time, he enjoyed visiting and talking on the phone with immediate and local family members, he especially enjoyed talking on the phone for long hours with his maternal grandparents and aunt, he spent majority of his time working on his ministry, and he enjoyed talking and spending time with his nieces and nephews.  His best friends were Darrius Taylor, Kurtis Jackson Jr., Roy Hibbert and Chuck, who preceded him in death.  He will be remembered by his family and friends for his dedication to his faith, ministry, family and friends, for his kind and giving nature and his willingness to live his best life despite not feeling like his best self.

Angelo Anthony Bell departed this life into the embrace of the Lord on December 2, 2018 at home in Aurora, Colorado.  He is survived by his mother, Kathy Lois Patterson (Denver), his father, Darrel Anthony Bell, Sr. (Gary, IN), one brother, Darrel Anthony Bell Jr. (Denver), three sisters, Twaniqua Nashee’ Bell (Denver), Laniqua Torraine Bell-Matthews (Duluth, GA) and LaTara Tenee’ Bell (Denver), maternal grandparents, Eugene and Queenlosha Rogers (Gary, IN), 8 nieces and 4 nephews (who affectionately called him “Uncle Lo”), 1 great niece, 1 great nephew, and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins, other relatives and a multitude of friends.


Visitation: December 13, 2018 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Pipkin Braswell Chapel of Peace
6601 Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80220

(303) 996-0869

Celebration of Life: December 13, 2018 2:00 pm

Pipkin Braswell Chapel of Peace
6601 Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80220

(303) 996-0869

Reception: December 13, 2018 4:00 pm

New Community Seventh-day Adventist Church
2455 East 36th Avenue
Denver, CO 80205

(303) 329-0129

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  1. Kathy I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I never had the pleasure of meeting Angelo but if was anything like you, I’m sure he was a wonderful soul.

  2. Kathy, West and I are so sorry for your loss, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, sending all of you peace in this difficult time. Love you

  3. Kathy, West and I are so sorry for your loss, we will keep you and your family in our hearts and prayers, sending you all peace and healing in this difficult time. Love you

  4. Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that God will wrap his loving arms around you and hold you tight as you grieve the loss of your dear son. I pray that you will find more joy in your memories of him than pain and that in his own subtle way, he will send you small gestures to let you know that he is okay and resting well. May you allow the love of God to be a blanket of peace and comfort for you in this trying time. Love you lots and praying for you and your family 💖

  5. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you Angelo, on occasion your mom would share with me, just how much she loves you. As I listened to her, I could tell that her love, her concern, her hopes, and her faith in you ran strong and clear. May God’s love, comfort and sooth your family, and they find strength and peace in His word. You are dearly loved Angelo.

  6. KP,
    I’m so sorry for your enormousloss. I’ll be praying for you . May God comfort you and your family in the time of suffering.

  7. Kathy, Angelo is your Angel he’s already watching over you. He feels your pain he’s praying your soul is comforted through Jesus name Amen

  8. KP, I am here for you! I know that he is watching over you and that he will be till you see him again. Anything you need my friend!

  9. Prayers go out to you Kathy and Family. From my family we are here for you. Take comfort as God carries you through this time of mourning.

  10. Kathy,

    As your lifelong friend, I remember the day Angelo was born. Trust in God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding! His Grace and Peace will get you through this trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Please read Revelations 21:4. God bless and love you,

    Sonya Hazelett and family

  11. Reat in heaven angelo i will never forget your warm smile we had some good times through the years. Fly high my friend. Another angel got his wings…sending love and condolences to your family…sincerely katrina

  12. Dear Kathy,
    My heart is aching for your loss. Knowing your beautiful self, I’m sure he was as loving and as wonderful as you are. I send you so much strength, love and healing during this time. Much love, Leah

  13. I ran the streets with Angelo before we discovered the life saving power of Christ. He was a very loving, caring, and understanding man who accepted me despite my many struggles at that time. I have not seen Angelo in many years, but I know God has him tucked safe in His loving arms. Amen! Lord please bless this family during their season of suffering. In Jesus name,
    Amen! For His glory alone,
    Pastor Jonnell Ashley

  14. KP & family,
    Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way. Wishing you all comfort during these trying times. You are in my thoughts.

  15. Big Bro,
    I pray you’re finally in a place of peace. I will forever cherish our special memories. Be sure to make your presence felt from time to time. Love you much.

  16. Big Bro,
    I pray you’re finally in a place of peace. I will forever cherish the memories we shared. Be sure to make your presence felt some time. You will forever be missed.

    Love ya baby sis

  17. Rest easy uncle. I love you. I know you went peacefully, you always had the big heart that everyone loved. You all have and will be my goofy uncle Lo, with that big ole corny smile of yours. Through all our good, bad, ugly times, you had my back. Even if i was wrong you never made me feel as I was less than beautiful. Hey you home now. I bet you $5 your having time of your life. I’m going to miss you and all your corny dad jokes. I really do love you man. On of my greatest blessings rest peacefully uncle. I know you got me my awesome gardian angel.

  18. Angelo,

    I never understood why you were so protective over me. It bothered me to my core, but now that reflect back over the last few years. I understand that you wanted what was best for me. I know you were at peace a couple days before you got your wings. You told me that you admired the strength I possessed. You were happy to know you did not have to protect me any longer.

    No one will ever understand the relationship and bond that we shared. Bro, we must have had disagreements and arguments every day. But that did not stop us from picking up where we left off. There was always some good that came from our conversations. We understood that these things need to happen in order for us to grow and to strengthen our bond. I am going to miss those moments and you will too.

    You were always there when I needed to vent. I trusted that anytime I needed you, you would be there keeping my secrets. That won’t change because you are no longer a phone call away. We will speak again but this time without so many distractions. Take your time, for I will be waiting to hear your voice again.

    Bro, you should hear all the kind words everyone is saying about you and the impact you had on their lives. Even when you were ill yourself. You managed to muster up the energy to pray for those who were in need. I am very proud of everything you have done and set out to do. Most of all to call you my big brother. I thank you in advance and on behalf of everyone for guiding us all along the way. Continue to watch out for us.

    Tupac once said ” Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive!” Soon it will be time to say goodbye. Heaven is where you will be going. Do not worry you will not be there alone. Chuck, SoNY and all our loved ones will be there awaiting your arrival. These are the best times of your life, the flesh had nothing on your spirit!

    You will forever be in my heart and your memory will live for eternity. So rest in peace, my love.

    Forever in my heart.
    Your Little Sister,

    P.S. I am my brother’s keeper and I will forever protect your other half Makeshia sends love also.

  19. Kathy and the entire family of Angelo. May knowing the Lord offer you peace and comfort during this challenging time. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God is able. Blessings to you all.

  20. Thinking of you cousin. Every time I spent time with you, you were always positive and happy. Your energy was infectious. Sad to say goodbye so soon. You are missed. Love you cousin

  21. Angelo,

    My 1st luv, my heart, my friend. My heart is broken as I never imagined not having you in my life and having to say goodbye. You came into my life at time not knowing I most needed you and have been there ever since. We were just kids that liked each other a lot and those feelings grew into this forever love that we at times couldn’t even make sense of but we understood. We have grown up together and have so many memories which I will forever cherish. Do you remember the time we had a picnic in Utah Park and decided to feed the geese and got chased by the geese instead, or the day we decided to be tourist in Hollywood, held the actual Oscar award, and then lost the car.

    Thank you for loving me through it all. You have displayed and shown me the true definition of unconditional love. Your love for me never wavered and it could never be questioned. You prove that in everything you did. You are love and all those that know you will definitely agree.

    You are a great man and I mean that in the strongest sense of that phrase. I am so very proud of the God fearing man you became. I admire you and your strength as you never complained given the cards you were dealt. Your infectious smile could brighten up any room; I could never stay mad at you for too long lol(lot of laughs). God I’m gonna miss you and all those corny jokes. I will never forget the day I met you and those purple pants. I am forever grateful for you and your presence in my life. 21 years later I have to say goodbye. Please watch over us, you will be missed. Rest in light and in peace luv. I love you and always will.

    PS…please say hi to my father and I hope I have made you both proud.

    Always with love and forever in my heart,

  22. Kathy I love you and I’m praying for your strength and that God will give you peace that passes all understanding. I’m only a call away.

  23. May the peace and blessings of Allah forever be upon you!
    Travel safely young man, your impact on others is apparent and valued. My family and I send supreme condolences to your family and friends for your lost. May his memory and spiritual reflection serve as a beacon to us all. Peace!


  25. I know it’s been a few months since you’ve been gone but I find myself always thinking about you more days than others. You know I’ve been struggling and stressing and some of your encouraging words would feel great right about now. The more I think about you the more I realize your gone and I can’t bring you back. I miss you more than anything in the world and I wish you were here to hug me one last time.
    I love you so much. Hopefully we will meet again and can continue where we left off

  26. Hey, how are you doing? How is Heaven treating you up there? We haven’t talked since March 15,2019 around the same time crazy huh. its June 15,2019. Its been about 3-4 months. I miss you a lot. more than anything in this world. it breaks me down more and more to realize you not here anymore. I can’t hear your voice anymore, I can’t hug you and tell you I love you no more. I would give a million things just to bring you back one last time. Just to get to say my goodbyes, my sorry, my i love yous. i would give anything just to hear your voice one last time. I really wish you were here. I really need you here encouraging me. You’ve been heavy on my mind lately and it drives me crazy that i cant pick up the phone to call you. I know you are looking down on me and is guiding me through it all but i’m more lost without you than i ever was with you here. you know at your funeral, i was in such disbelief that you were gone it all seemed unreal. so unreal until i walked up to your casket i just wanted to fall down. my heart was so broken. It still is and i don’t know how to fix it or even cope with it at times i just bury it deep down and move along, I’m sorry and I miss you so so much.
    I love you so much. until we meet again my friend so we can continue where we left off rest peacefully and just know i’m always looking up to you.

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